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Imaging services are key resources in confirming a medical condition, surgical and radiation planning, and evaluation of treatment methods.

When you choose Providence Imaging Center, you’ll encounter a highly experienced team of compassionate caregivers equipped with advanced tools who are committed to bringing you peace of mind during the unknowns of life.

Meet the experts who take your health seriously.


Providence Imaging Center partners with the most highly trained and experienced radiologists in the state of Alaska.  Many of our Radiologists have undergone fellowship training * in an array of subspecialties to include:

  • Breast imaging, including mammography, breast tomosynthesis, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and breast biopsy.  Providence Imaging Center partners with the only breast fellowship-trained radiologists in South-central Alaska.  We have been designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology because of our multiple breast imaging accreditations and high level of quality and safety.
  • Pediatric radiology, including the use of imaging and intervention to diagnose and treat congenital conditions that commonly occur in infants and children.
  • Neuroradiology, involving diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the brain, sinuses, spine, and central nervous system.  This includes conditions such as stroke, cancer, trauma, seizure disorders, and diseases associated with aging.
  • Body imaging, focusing on the abdomen and major organs, such as the liver, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Musculoskeletal radiology, partnered with the only fellowship trained radiologists in south-central Alaska devoted to imaging of the muscles and bones. Methods include X-ray, computed tomography(CT), ultrasound, and MRI.

About fellowship training *

After residency is complete, a radiologist may choose to begin practicing right away or receive specialized fellowship training.  Beyond the 1-2 years of the fellowship itself, radiologists who pursue an imaging subspecialty must read exams within their chosen specialty and maintain continuing medical education (CME) credits with an emphasis in their specialty to remain proficient in the field.

At Providence Imaging Center we take full advantage of our radiologists’ specialty training. When a patient comes to us for an imaging exam it is our goal to have a fellowship-trained radiologist interpret that test.  This assures patients and providers of our ability to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality interpretation of patients’ underlying medical conditions.

Meet the Team

Mammography Department

Mammography Department

Mammography, Stereotactic and Support Staff

Treating All with Care, and a large part of the reason we are Anchorage’s only Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, per the American College of Radiology.

Ultrasound Department


Our Ultrasound Staff Go the Extra Mile

Joy (first on left) has been scanning since 1996, and registered in her field since 1999 with the ARDMS, including subspecialties in Abdomen, Breast and Vascular sonography. She has been a Providence employee since 2001. “I particularly enjoy how the field is constantly changing; my job is never boring.”

General Radiology Department

General Radiology Staff

General Radiology Giants: Performing Fluoroscopy, HSG, Bone Densitometry, and Digital X-ray

The starting point for many patients is an order for a digital X-ray. Providence Imaging Center staff are registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Employers, state licensing agencies, and federal regulators look at the ARRT credential as an indication that a person has met a recognized national standard for medical imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation therapy professionals.

MRI Department

MRI Staff

No Matter How You Slice It: Our MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Professionals Make You Comfortable

Dexter (second from left), who has been at PIC since 2003, has been registered ARRT since 1995, and achieved his MRI registry in 2004. “I like having access to some of the BEST MRI scanners and technology Alaska has to offer its community. I also have a great time working with all the ‘fun loving’ people that you can find throughout the PIC.”

CT and PET-CT Department

CT and PET-CT Staff

PET-CT and CT Professionals: Protecting Patients, and Skilled in Contrast Handling and Injections

Our PET-CT technologists are dedicated to securing the best images while attending to patients’ comfort and concerns. They explain the process before the exam begins and continue communicating with patients throughout the scanning process.



Nursing Staff Who Love What They Do


Providence Imaging Center is proud to offer the clinical expertise of two nurses to our patients and referring providers. They work closely with patients who have need of diagnostic breast imaging or who may see us for a biopsy or other procedure.

Front Desk

Front Desk Staff

Front Desk Staff: On the Front Lines of Friendliness

Let’s face it — the first person you meet during a difficult medical appointment can set the tone for your entire experience. At Providence Imaging Center, we aspire to provide excellent customer service and superior customer satisfaction, beginning at our front door.

Scheduling Department


Scheduling, Operator, Pre-authorization and Support Specialists

Coordinating difficult imaging appointments can be difficult. Orders need to be verified, and any preps explained in a clear, concise manner. Pre-authorization for procedures may need to be obtained. That’s why we have an efficient, friendly and polished team like this one.

File Room

File Room Staff

Working to connect patient and providers with the records they require in a timely manner, every day.

Radiologists like to compare images. Referring providers expect reports that mention them. And patients sometimes needs their exams sent to another provider, or another state. Our team of experts connect records to people every day. Call them at (907) 212-3144 for assistance, or request an imaging CD with our handy online form. Need to send us a release? Fax it to (907) 212-3119.