Providence Breast Procedure Center Opens

Providence Imaging Center partners with Providence Alaska Medical Center in a new location

November 15, 2016

Providence Imaging Center (PIC) patients whose breast imaging study results in a biopsy or aspiration recommendation will have their procedure in a state of the art facility, located just next door.

The new Providence Breast Procedure Center (PBPC) is a partnership between PIC and Providence Alaska Medical Center. The PBPC offers patients one convenient site to undergo the following imaging-guided procedures:

  • Stereotactic biopsy and pre-surgery localization
  • Tomosynthesis/3D ™ biopsy and pre-surgery localization
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsy
  • Breast cyst or seroma aspiration

An image-guided biopsy allows the radiologist to sample the tissue in your breast without surgery. Mammographic or ultrasound guidance is used to find the arWelcome to the Providence Breast Procedure Center, a partnership between Providence Imaging Center and Providence Alaska Medical Center.ea. The radiologist will remove samples of breast tissue using a biopsy device. These tissue samples are sent to the pathologist for diagnosis.

A breast cyst or seroma aspiration allows the radiologist to remove fluid from the breast.

Located Adjacent to PIC’s Lobby

Patients who have had a mammogram at PIC in Anchorage will easily find the PBPC. It’s located on the first floor of the A Tower, entrance 4, at 3340 Providence Drive, just west of the A elevators. If you arrive at PIC, a friendly staffer will guide you a few short steps across the lobby to the check-in desk, kitty corner to the Medical Arts Pharmacy.

Understanding Your Bill(s)

Please note that patients who undergo a procedure at the PBPC will receive services from up to four unique entities:

  1.  Images produced by ultrasound/stereo/mammography will generate a bill for technical fees from PIC. PIC statements come from PC, Inc.
  2. The radiologist performing the procedure will submit a bill for his or her services from Alaska Radiology Associates.
  3. Providence Alaska Medical Center will submit a bill for facility charges from Providence Health and Services Alaska.
  4. If a biopsy if performed, a pathologist who analyzes tissue samples will bill for his/her services from ADL.

Expert Care and Experienced Partners

While the PBPC is new, the most important things stay the same: You’ve chosen to receive breast imaging services from the most comprehensive and compassionate breast imaging team in the state. PIC is Alaska’s first and Anchorage’s only breast imaging center of excellence.* PIC and the staff at the PBPC offer 30 years of imaging expertise. Our radiologists are the only Alaskan radiology group having radiologists with dedicated fellowship training in every major imaging sub-specialty, including interventional radiology (IR), neuroradiology, musculoskeletal imaging, women’s imaging, body imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, pediatric radiology and nuclear medicine.

We collaborate with other specialists and Providence experts located in the same campus, so you rarely have to travel far.

From the Providence Cancer Center and its genetic counselors, to the surgeons, pathologists and oncologists who work next door to us: thank you for entrusting us with your care.

* The American College of Radiology accredited PIC as a breast imaging center of excellence in 2008, a designation that is renewed every three years.